How to Make Grapeshot Bombs in Witcher 3


If you are curious about how to make a grapeshot bomb in Witcher 3, you have come to the right place. If you want to destroy monster nests in the game, this explosive can do just that. It works like a standard grenade, dealing chunk damage combined with fire damage. It is effective against shield-bearing enemies, and can even chip off a large chunk of their stamina in a single hit.

Moon Dust

The Moon Dust grapeshot bomb is a useful weapon to carry in Witcher 3 because it can negate specters’ abilities. In addition, it gives you additional time to stack damage. This weapon is particularly effective against the wily foes known as Necrophages.

There are two ways to make this weapon. One way is to use the Training Bomb, which will teach you how to use explosive tools. When you detonate this bomb, a puff of smoke will appear. The bomb itself will not do much damage, but it is useful in teaching new witchers the basics of using explosive weapons. Moreover, you can also upgrade the Bomb by using the Cluster Bomb skill.

Another method of making a Bomb is to search for bomb item codes in the game. Bombs are throwable items in Witcher 3. You can search for these codes by searching for them in our database. This way, you’ll be able to quickly find the correct bomb for your character.

There are eight different bombs in Witcher 3. Each bomb has an upgrade tier. The first bomb is weak and not very effective, but as you progress through the game, it becomes stronger. This bomb can be used against foes that don’t transform, like Spectres, Necrophages, and Foglets.


The grapeshot bomb is an item you can use to protect yourself against non-physical attacks. The bomb is a green blast of energy that can protect you for 15 seconds. Its enhanced and superior versions have longer durations. You can carry 6 charges at once. It works best against Elemental monsters. You can find these monsters in the Skellige Isles. You will need Dimeritium to make the bomb.

This weapon is not the most powerful weapon in The Witcher 3, but it does deal substantial damage. The bomb deals shrapnel damage to enemies within the blast radius. The explosion is quite effective, and it is considered one of the best weapons against winged monsters. It also has the advantage of being upgradeable with the cluster bomb skill.

To craft this bomb, you will need to find Dimeritium, Saltpeter, and Calcium equum. Once you have these items, you can obtain the bomb recipe from the shopkeeper in Oxenfurt. Then, you can use the bomb to destroy Monster Nests.


In The Witcher 3, you can make your own bombs by combining ingredients. The Samum is a type of bomb in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that comes in Enhanced and Superior versions. It has different effects and can be useful against different types of monsters. For instance, it can be used against Necrophages and Spectres. In addition, it can be used to force Foglets and Wraiths to materialize.

The Samum bomb has a range of effects. It can temporarily blind foes. The bomb can also be used to plan a quick escape or to prepare an area bombardment. The bombs are extremely powerful, so you have to be quick to use them. Other useful effects include the Northern Wind, which freezes foes and chops their heads. In addition to that, the Samum can destroy monster nests.

While the Samum grapeshot bomb is the most effective bomb in the Witcher 3 game, it is not a good choice for every type of situation. The base version deals 350 physical damage, while the upgraded version deals 600 physical damage and 10 fire. When combined with a Cluster Bomb skill, you can get a huge damage boost.

Dancing Star

The ability to make a grapeshot bomb is a powerful ability in The Witcher 3. You can use it to explode monster nests and deal maximum damage. It works similarly to a conventional grenade in combat. It deals chunk damage along with fire damage, and it can chip a large portion of an enemy’s stamina in one hit.

The grapeshot bomb’s damage increases with rank. Each rank deals 100 damage per second. It also releases fumes that can drain an enemy’s health, especially against Relict and Vampire enemies. Its effectiveness is also enhanced by combining it with the cluster bomb skill.

The dimeritium bomb is another powerful bomb that blocks the magic abilities of monsters. The Dimeritium Bomb is particularly useful against Elemental monsters, particularly Djinns and Gargoyles. It also blocks the ability of monsters to fly. Its effect lasts a long time even after it dissipates.

While the Dancing Star can’t match the firestream effect of the Igni’s Firestream, it’s an excellent choice for setting enemies on fire. It also provides distance from enemies. Another good option is the Devil’s Puffball, which gives off a toxic green cloud. Using a dragon’s dream bomb in combination with the Dancing Star can be lethal.

Northern Wind

In The Witcher 3, making grapeshot bombs can help you sabotage your enemies. This explosive weapon can be made to deal damage at a set rate. The bomb is also able to freeze enemies. This is particularly useful when fighting a single foe. With a Superior upgrade, you can create a bomb that can destroy a frozen foe instantly.

While the basic grapeshot bomb deals 350 damage, you can increase the damage by upgrading to an Enhanced or Superior version. The Enhanced bomb has a base damage of 600, and the Superior bomb can deal up to 900 damage. Each tier of the bomb requires a prerequisite – this means that you can’t make a Superior version if you don’t have a previous tier.

You can also use the Aard bomb, which deals shrapnel damage. This is particularly useful against Hybrids, and you can even use it to knock an enemy out of the air.

Enhanced version of Dancing Star

The Dancing Star bomb is an explosive that deals fire damage. The basic version deals 100 fire damage, while the Enhanced and Superior versions deal 200 and 300 damage, respectively. Aside from doing damage to nearby enemies, Dancing Stars can also ignite monster nests.

The Dancing Star bomb is very effective at setting enemies ablaze, but the damage it deals is limited. The Dancing Star bomb does not have a two-step process like the Grapeshot bomb. The basic Bomb will burn enemies within its blast radius and cause about 200 damage, but the Superior Dancing Star bomb will ignite the entire blast area. It is also capable of igniting Dragon’s Dream bomb gas, which adds another 300 damage.

Enhanced Samum is an upgrade for the basic Bomb. It deals 600 physical damage and ten silver damage, and can be used to deal a lot of damage to enemies. This bomb will also ignore armor, so you can use it on tough enemies. You can also use it to clear monster nests. For instance, if you’re battling a group of bosses, this bomb is a good choice.

Aside from the Grapeshot bomb, you can also use the Devil’s Puff Ball. This bomb is useful against enemies who use magic. Its detonation will cause a cloud of poison. The cloud of poison will last 10 seconds in the base form, but it lasts for 30 seconds in the Enhanced version and 33 seconds in the Superior version. You can also use this bomb in close-quarter combat to deal a lot of damage to enemies.

Enhanced version of Devil’s Puffball

The Enhanced version of the Devil’s Puffball in Witcher III is a powerful bomb that deals poison damage. It emits a toxic cloud that is effective against a variety of enemies, including Werewolves and Berserkers. The puffball is most effective when used in close-quarter combat.

The effects of this potion are similar to those of the vanilla version, but the Enhanced version extends its duration. In addition, the Superior version prevents monsters from dissipating or turning invisible. It also works against Katakan, who sometimes turn invisible.

The Enhanced version of Devil’s Puff ball in Witcher 3 includes many improvements. It now gives Geralt a higher chance of achieving Critical Hit, and its stun effect is now slightly improved. It is more difficult to cast, but it is much more effective.

The Enhanced version of Devil’s Puff ball in Witcher 3 can be used to block magic abilities. It is best used against Elemental enemies. It can block non-physical attacks for 15 seconds in its normal form, and 30 seconds in its enhanced form. When used in combination with the Yrden sign, it can effectively hold an enemy within a dimeritium cloud. The Dimeritium cloud doesn’t prevent witcher magic from working, but it will block witcher magic.


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