How to Get a Psi Operative in XCOM 2


In Xcom 2, you can get a Psi Operative by following the various options that are available to you. These options include Solace, Training in a specialized facility, the Insanity ability, and Stasis Shield. In this article, I will outline some of the options that you can use to get a Psi Operative.


In XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, one of the best things you can do is to become a Psi Operative. As a Psi Operative, you can use your abilities to defeat enemies. Your Psi Operatives will gain Ability Points as they complete missions. This will help you avoid sending your tired soldiers on consecutive missions.

This unique class allows you to inflict mental effects en mass, allowing you to wipe out large numbers of enemies. It also gives you a high damage bonus. However, it’s not as powerful as a Psi Operative. While it’s not perfect, you can use it to defeat enemies faster. You can also use it as a support ability. It can clean negative status effects and it does not require a turn to use.

Psi Operatives are the flashiest class in XCOM 2. They are also the strongest class. Unfortunately, they aren’t available from the start, but unlocking them doesn’t take too much time. The steps to unlocking this class are as follows: kill a Sectoid, research psionics, build a Psi Lab, and then become a Psi Operative. The Psi Operative class has many benefits, but it’s especially good for crowd control.

Psi Operatives are an improved version of the previous class. You don’t have to worry about being “better” than your opponents if you become a Psi Operative. They also have a unique level progression compared to the other classes.

Null Lance: This is another useful Psi Operative ability. It can hit multiple targets in a short period of time and is useful when encountering tough enemies. This is one of the hardest-hitting abilities a Psi Operative can use. However, Null Lance isn’t great for cover clearing. Usually, it’s more convenient to use your Psi Operative’s abilities in other situations.

Training in a specialized facility on the Avenger

If you want to become a psi operative, you need to get trained in a specialized facility on the Aveger. There are several types of specialized facilities that you can find on the Avenger. One of them is the Psi Lab. The other two are the Shadow Chamber and the Infirmary. Each type of specialized facility requires you to build it before it can be used.

It takes a long time to train in a Psi Lab, which means that you have to train in an efficient way. Compared to the Sectoid Autopsy, this one requires more research and time. The best way to get a scientist is through Guerrilla Ops, but you can also obtain them from XCOM HQ. Another option is to build a Psi Lab over an empty space on the Avenger. In order to do this, you need to clear out some room and build a power room. You can also assign an engineer to the power room, which will increase the power produced.

Psi energy is a powerful force that is measurable in the XCOM universe. Psi Operatives are able to detect psionic energy with the help of Avenger scanners. In addition to that, they can use the Avenger Skulljack to tap into ADVENT’s psionic network.

Psi Operatives can also perform psychic operations. Despite their unique abilities, they’re not as good as fully-promoted soldiers. However, they’ll be more effective against the aliens if they’re properly trained.

Insanity ability

The Psi Operative is a new type of soldier in Xcom 2. These new soldiers have different psychic abilities. Their main difference from standard soldiers is that they can use Domination and Stasis, which are two of the most powerful abilities in the game. These abilities allow Psi Operatives to fire a steady barrage of guaranteed damage while disabling enemies with low Will. These new soldiers also have more mobility and can use their own unique abilities to get the edge in the battlefield.

Psi Operatives have a 50% chance to kill enemies with 50 Will or less. Insanity is a good choice if you’re going to be fighting enemies with high Will. It has a high chance of working, since most enemies have between 50 and 100 Will, but there are some that are immune to it.

After you complete your first mission, you’ll get an ability from a random pool of three. The ability you choose will be determined by the abilities you have earned throughout the mission, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the right one. But if you keep training, you can reach your last mission with all your psi abilities unlocked. In addition, you’ll notice that you have the same stats as a veteran psi operative despite not being as experienced.

Another good way to get the Psi Operative in Xcom 2 is to use the Null Lance skill to damage enemies. It is a great weapon to have for damage behind cover or in a straight line.

Stasis Shield

Stasis is a special Psi Operative ability that puts a targeted enemy into stasis, making them immune to damage for their next turn. You can upgrade this ability to grant your allies a stasis shield as well. This ability is single-target, and works on most enemies, including robots. But the ability does have a two-turn cooldown. It is important to save your Stasis after dealing damage to enemies.

First, you need to make a Stasis shield. You can use this shield to shield your allies, but you can also direct it towards your Dominator. However, there is a problem with Mind Control. This is the same problem that plagues the Hack reward. If you want to use Stasis to mind control a Gatekeeper, you need to use a Mind Control trait.

Second, you need to get a Psi Operative. This trait is very useful when you want to protect your allies from damage. This trait will protect your allies from attacks and will help them survive in the long run. However, you must remember that a Psi Operative cannot be used to protect an ally if it is unconscious.

Another way to get this superpower is to use the Priest class. It has a mind merge ability that can boost allies, but it can be neutralized too. This class also comes with the Spectre class, which is an alien that can transform into a nanorobotic cloud and vanish from sight. Spectre can also use a Shadowbind ability to hold XCOM soldiers in place. It has a very strong effect on the XCOM units. By using this skill, you can also put your enemies into a stasis state and keep them there for a long time.

Psi-Ops are useful in combat because they can counter enemy Mind Control. In addition, the Warlock is capable of mind control. Inspire is a good Get Out of Jail Free card that can help your team survive dangerous encounters. Lastly, the Stasis Shield will save your ally if they are almost dead.

Berserkers vs psi operatives

In XCOM 2, you can choose between Berserkers and Mutons to battle against the enemy. However, this mode has its drawbacks. Mutons don’t have the same sturdiness as Berserkers. They’re also prone to being shot, even if they have armor and a shield.

In XCOM 2, the game is set in an alternate time line, which allows for a different strategy. Instead of following the events of the first game, XCOM loses the support of world governments before the events of the second game. As a result, a Vichy Earth scenario develops. However, the difficulty of this scenario is comparable to the difficulty of the first game.

XCOM 2 has added several new units that you can use to fight the enemy. One of these is the Gatekeeper. This unit is a psionic unit that attacks by triggering its ability. It has a powerful AOE attack that reanimates zombies. However, this unit is very difficult to kill and destroys cover. As such, you should take care not to kill the gatekeeper, as the explosion can create additional zombies.

The archons are a very tough enemy in XCOM 2. They have a high health and damage stat, and it is a challenge to kill them once. In addition, they wear environmental suits during the battle. If their pilot is killed, they will continue fighting, even though they are injured.

Sectoids have some very interesting abilities. They can disorient soldiers and make them panic. They can also use a new ability called Mindspin. This ability can trigger a psionic attack. Mindspin can also cause your target to be reanimated. In addition, the Sectoids can create Psi Zombies.


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